Project Activities

The main policy landscape of LIFE CONCERT REACH is the EU chemicals regulation, the so-called REACH regulation, which in practice compels the industry to assess the safety of the chemicals it produces or imports.


Extraction and evaluation of data

Extraction and evaluation of data in the dossier preparation of registered substances from AMBIT and ECHA dossiers.


Upgrading existing software

Upgrading of VEGA and ToxRead with new models/modules.
Upgrading of weight-of-evidence algorithm for integrating data from different sources and implementation into ToxWeight software.


Integrated system

Developing of a web-based gateway to guide users to integrate data for their optimal use for substance evaluation from VEGA, AMBIT, OCHEM and Danish (Q)SAR Database.


Case studies

Evaluation of the suitability of computational tools for modelling REACH endpoints.


Evaluation of the project impact

To evaluate the impact of the project, specifically on the improved access, usability and compliance with IUCLID scheme of NTMs. The socio-economic impact of the results of LIFE CONCERT REACH will be also evaluated. Benefits and costs will be addressed.


Communication and dissemination

A wide range of strategies, including a written plan, the website, workshops, activities towards industry or regulatory bodies, training, scientific dissemination, will be adopted.