CONCERT REACH project offers the possibility to integrate, in a unique network, different systems of freely available Non-Testing Methods (NTMs) for REACH. This “gateway” will guide the user through four in silico platforms: VEGAHUB, OCHEM, the Danish (Q)SAR Database and AMBIT in order to help in evaluating chemical substances by the application of more than 300 different models and the availability of more than 450.000 chemical structures and REACH datasets of 14.570 substances.

Furthermore, we developed tens of new (Q)SAR models and read-across modules within CONCERT REACH. Finally, we developed a new tool for read-across, VERA and a new tool for the integration of read-across and (Q)SAR results, SWAN.



The “gateway” reports all the predictive software available in the four platforms relative to REACH endpoints.

However, please consider that we cannot guarantee that they are correct and usable for the REACH legislation. Additionally, if industry wants to use the result from a certain model, it has to verify if this is legally legitimate. For certain very specific endpoints we have reported models that may have been developed using more general data. These models may not perfectly adhere to the endpoint.