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Sep 21, 2018

Kick-off meeting, 21 September 2018

The first meeting of the project was in Milan, at the Mario Negri Institute. During that occasion, each participant introduced himself and the team. IRFMN made a general introduction to the project and to the starting actions. The tools addressed in the project (AMBIT, Danish (Q)SAR database, VEGA and ToxRead) were described.
Nov 06, 2018

LIFE17 Kick-off meeting, ENV Air and Health

LIFE17 Kick-off meeting in Bruxelles was the occasion to each representatives of the ongoing life projects to present their work/proposal to the others and to discussion on policy relevance, continuation, replication, transfer & market uptake. The role of the External Monitoring Team (NEEMO) and the main challenges and opportunities around the life projects are considered too.
Aug 05, 2021

Workshop: A big Network of In-silico Tools for Assessing Substances under REACH

27 October 2021.
at Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen Area.
Follow-up e-meetings are planned.